Friday, October 3, 2008

October Activities...

**October 8th-We will be making and decorating Halloween sugar cookies at the church.

**October 15th-Combined activity with the Young Men. We will be having a "shoe dinner" (each young man will bring a dinner, the young woman bring a dessert. Each young man will put one of his shoes in the middle of the floor and each young woman will pick a shoe, which will indicate who she will be having dinner with that night). We will be talking about dating etiquette/standards.

**October 18th-Super Seminary activity in Madison (times to be announced later), and a fall activity for all youth in Raytown with a dance for the youth 14 and older, and alternative activities for the 12-13 year olds.

**October 19th-Standards night for all youth at the Stake center in Clinton (time to be announced later).

**October 22nd-We will be having a 40's night. We will be learning info about the 40's, including food, music, hair, make-up and pop culture.

**October 29th-Trunk or treat at the church (time to be announced later).

**Letter from the Stake Youth Leaders about the Stake activities:

Hello everyone, We are really excited to announce the upcoming Fall Harvest Activity at Raytown. We really hope to see all of the youth there. Since we will be on a farm, please remind your youth not to wear open toed shoes and to bring a flashlight.Super Saturday will be from 2-4 in Madison and then everyone will head out to the farm for dinner which starts at 5:00 p.m.. The dance will be at 6:00 p.m. for ages 14-18 and there will be a fun activity for ages 12-13 during that time. After closing prayer, everyone will be on their own. We think they we will close everything down around 10:00, so everyone can get home before midnight. After the dance, we will have:
A hayride. It may be haunted or we may have a haunted house set up. It will be a surprise!
Although the Maize is not open this year due to all of the rain from the recent hurricanes which caused the corn not to produce very well, we are letting ya'll go through it at night rather than during the day. The corn is not very tall and it will be more fun this way.
We are not sure if we will have the corn cannons or cow trains available after the dance, but we will let you know at the dance. Thanks for all of your help.